< Caitlin Wood and Marko Helistekangas win Reiter Young Stars Cup 2016!

FH Aachen wins University competition in Reiter Young Stars Cup 2016

The top 3 University teams of Reiter Young Stars 2016!

Students of RYS Team WP Performance / FH Aachen take Championship win after final round in Zandvoort.

For the awards ceremony of the Reiter Young Stars Cup 2016, the crew of Reiter Engineering, university teams, drivers and sponsors met again at the M32 Restaurant Moenchsberg at Salzburg, Austria.

Reiter Engineering started the completely new developed Reiter Young Stars Project for the 2016 season. Eight KTM X-BOW GT4 competed at five rounds of the 102Competition GT4 European Series. 16 young male and female driver talents, 24 students of leading technical universities from all over Europe, impressive figures for a new concept. While most of the one make or youngster championships just focus on race results, the Reiter Young Stars are much more.

Drivers and students had to form a team for a season and were educated in various subjects around a racing weekend, always educated by the Reiter Engineering lead engineers.Additional schoolings were done by Pirelli, the race director or InterNetX.

While the drivers got points for fast and consistent laps, the student teams could collect points for fuel economy, engineering, team management, pit stops and marketing. 

The competition for the female and male drivers had already been decided at the last event in Zandvoort with Marko Helistekangas and Caitlin Wood winning the 2017 Blancpain GT Sprint season in a GT3 Gallardo R-EX.

Salzburg would be the showdown for the universities, all eight with realistic chances for winning. The award for the best team is also a Blancpain GT Sprint Season with Reiter Engineering as paid engineers and team manager in GT3!

It had been a tight competition during the whole season with all eight teams able to win the Championship until the last event at Zandvoort.

With an advantage of 20 points FH Aachen (RYS Team WP / 352,9 points) were the leaders before the final weekend of the Reiter Young Stars Cup 2016 followed by Universität des Saarlandes (RYS Team KTM / 332,9 points) and University of Hertfordshire (RYS Team Holinger / 332 points). There were still points to collect in fuel management, engineering, pit stops, team manager and the season points for marketing.

University of Hertfordshire was out of the competition right after the start of race 1, when their KTM had been knocked out of the race by another competitor. No chance for them to close the gap to the leaders. Universität des Saarlandes showed a solid performance at Zandvoort with a good result in engineering and a 3rd place in the marketing competition, But FH Aachen brought home two points more in Zandvoort, so the season marketing points were the last part which could decide the Reiter Young Stars Cup.

Two crews collected 140 points for their PR work. University of Hertfordshire should be one of them, which secured their third place overall despite bad luck in the last race event. Also 140 points were given to FH Aachen, which increased their gap in the overall standings and lead them to win the first ever Reiter Engineering Young Stars Cup 2016!

„It is a great honour to win the Reiter Young Stars Cup 2016“, said FH Aachen / RYS Team WP Performance team manager Dennis Schaefer. „Unbelievable how everything changed during the season. At the first event in Monza most of us had never have seen a real racecar or have been at a race circuit. We hardly knew where to go or what to do. The first time standing at a pitwall was really impressive. But with the support of the Reiter Engineering crew we developed from race to race. We were treated as full members of the team, that made the difference. We didn´t win the Championship just as students, we took the title as Team WP Performance. Also our drivers Rebecca Jackson and Thomas Krebs, engineers, mechanics, we performed as a team!”

“Ever since we founded Reiter Engineering, we have always taken huge challenges. With founding Reiter Young Stars, we wanted to prove, that you could not only educate drivers but also engineers under the motto “Learning by doing"", said Reiter Engineering team owner Hans Reiter. “At the end of an exciting, instructive and above all successful season we can say with pride, that we reached this goal. In particular, I am proud that Reiter Young Stars is not a typical motorsport male-dominated activity. We have experienced six strong women and I want to thank the entire team of Reiter Engineering, the numerous sponsors, and, of course, our partner KTM!”
The final point standings of the University competition:

  1. FH Aachen / RYS Team WP / 575 points
  2. Universität des Saarlandes / RYS Team KTM / 534,8 points
  3. University of Hertfordshire / RYS Team Holinger / 530,3 points
  4. Universität Bayreuth / RYS Team Pankl / 491,4 points
  5. UCL Belgium / RYS Team InterNetX / 479,1 points
  6. Tallina Tehnikakülikool / RYS Team True Racing4 / 74,6 points
  7. Wroclav University of Technology / RYS Team Kiska / 470,2 points
  8. CVUT Prague / RYS Team Hohenberg Event / 431,7 points

More news about the Reiter Young Stars Cup season 2017 will follow soon!